Frequently asked questions to help answer any questions you may have. Need something that’s not here? Give us a call! We are always happy to answer a question.


[pane title=”Can I print my own designs or a design I bought from Etsy on my invitations?” start=open]
Yes! We are always happy to print your invitation designs so that you can get just what you want! But we also encourage you to check with us to see if we can make the design for you before purchasing a design online as those can sometimes be a bigger head ache than expected.
[pane title=”Can we buy your blank invitations and print on them ourselves?”]
Yes, all of our invitations can be printed with a basic laser printer from your home.
[pane title=”Can I use a photo for my inviation or save the date?”]
Yes, we love working with a cute photo! It is recommended that you use a photo taken by a high quality digital camera. Other images may look good on screen but are not suitable for print.